25.09.2019 - The sixth meeting of the Albanian Network for Financial Education (ANFE)was held today under the chairmanship of the Albanian Securities Trading Association (ASTA). The members of ANFE, representants of various associations in the financial sector, discussed new developments and plans for future activities in the context of fostering the development of Financial Education and in support of the cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and Junior Achievemnet of Albania.

Participants approved the network's engagement in the context of "Let's Talk Your Language" initiative, a competition focusing on 10 high school students in the country, aiming to inform them about financial instruments through the challenge of creating information materials adapted by other students.

During the meeting, it was agreed that the activities that will take place in the framework of World Investor Week during September 30 - October 6, 2019, aiming to convey the right message regarding developments in the capital market, investment funds and private pensions in the country and in the region.

Director of the National Youth Service (NYS), Mrs. Irsa Ruci presented the cooperation agreement between NYS and the Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which paves the way for one of the biggest initiatives ever created in the field of youth entrepreneurship and the absorption of innovative ideas from the youth.