24.06.2021 -  The first training for university students on the international competition on the topic: "VIRTUAL STOCKS EXCHANGE" was held today. Over 150 students participated on this event, divided into more than 50 teams, representing about 15 public and non-public universities. The competition is held for the first time in Albania as a collaboration of ASTA with the German Sparkassenstiftung Albania (DSIK Albania) and the Albanian Stock Exchange (ALSE), in the framework of joint activities on financial education and raising public awareness about the market capital in place.

The competition consists of the access of teams with 3-4 students, in a virtual environment in the form of a centralized internet platform, which will provide them with virtual funds (50,000 EUR) and will give them the opportunity to access the securities trading (stocks, bonds, investment funds, etc.), by building a virtual portfolio of investments in securities, in order to maximize the rate of return on investment. The international competition starts in mid-September 2021 and lasts about 6 weeks. In December 2021 an independent international jury will evaluate the performance of the virtual portfolios and announce the winning team with an international award. Also, DSIK Albania is committed to offering a special national award (in Albania), which will reward the university team with the highest investment performance

This training was also greeted by Mrs. Mimoza Kaçi, Deputy Executive Director of the Financial Supervision Authority (AMF). In her speech Mrs. Kaçi emphasized the importance of financial education for all age groups, as an element that promotes qualitatively and quantitatively the development of financial markets, especially those of the capital market. He further continued with the work currently being done by the Financial Supervision Authority in cooperation with the Bank of Albania for the creation of a National Financial Education Strategy. In conclusion, Mrs. Kaçi thanked the organizers for this initiative and called on universities to be present as much as possible in every event, the essence of which is to raise public awareness about the market and financial services.

The representatives of DSIK Albania, ALSE and ASTA conducted an intensive training for students, which basically included detailed information about the operational side of placing Orders on the Platform and Trading Securities on the Stock Exchange as well as the creation of a Portfolio in Securities and Asset Management.